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Payment: All lessons are payable in advance, with the possibility to cancel or change them, as provided below. Payment will be agreed between the teacher and the student in the way they decide.


Cancellation: Once the lesson has been scheduled and booked by the student, it can be cancelled 48 hours before the agreed date so that no charges will be applied, the lesson can be rescheduled. Otherwise, charges will be applied, i.e. the lesson will be charged.


Punctuality: It is important to arrive on time to the scheduled online lesson to make the most of the learning time. There will be a minimum waiting time of 15 minutes once the online lesson has started. After this period the lesson will be charged and there will be no possibility to reschedule it.

Use of the online sessions: From the date of payment of the lesson by the student and the confirmation of the same by the teacher, the lesson(s) will be valid:


A One (1) single lesson, 7 business days.

B Five (5) lesson-pack, 40 working days.

F Ten (10) lesson-pack, 80 working days.


Compensation for missed classes: The teacher may cancel any class due to valid and urgent reasons, such as illness or emergencies. In such cases, compensation for the missed class may be arranged. This will be discussed between the student and the teacher.

Refund for online sessions: Lessons are non-refundable.



you can fill in the registration form if you wish to do so:


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