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Online sessions

How do I book the free trial class?

1. Click on “Book a free lesson” button that you can find on the website and complete your data in the form.

2. I will contact you to set a day and an hour and what topic (content) you want us to review in the class.

(There is no commitment to book more classes. Choose your teacher is a crucial decision so you can think about it calmly).

How long does the free trial class and what is it for?

This will be between 30 approx. (if we need more time we can extend a little more, the important thing is that we speak with comfort).

It will serve to know us, to face us, to hear us, to see the subject that you have suggested me by email and to see how we can work according to your motivations, needs and learning objectives.

I will also have an idea of the level and we could talk about the availability of both for the future classes, although there is NO commitment, you can think it calmly.

How do sessions work online?

Very easy.

1. Book a “free trial class” to know each other and talk about the learning needs to prepare the specific material for you. We will also talk about the availability of both for classes. You may do a text at home according to your level if needed. That will help us to see what level of spanish you have.

2. On the website, book the session or the session package that suits you by making the payment through PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email and the invoice.

3. I will contact you to confirm the date and time of online sessions. From that moment, we will keep the contact by email and / or whatsapp.

What do I need to receive online sessions?

Things you already have:

1. A good internet connection.

2. A computer, tablet, or smartphone where you can receive a video called by Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout.

3. It’s important that you open an account (completely free and very simple) in Skype or Gmail for Google Hangout.

Sometimes with some computers you may need headphones so you can hear clearly, but it’s totally optional.



What sort of material is used for the sessions?

Mostly books online and dynamic material such as videos, audios, texts, interactive games. Most of the students end up learning with Editorial Difusion and its books such as "Aula Internacional". You can choose to order and buy the physical book that we decide to use. You will have access to all material and documents uploaded (Google Drive). 

Will I receive material for the sessions?

Yeah right. Depending on your needs, I will prepare specific material for the session. I will share this material in a folder (Google Drive) that you will always have access to. On some occasions, I will send you material before the session for you to review (if you can).

The worksheets can be worked together in the session and clarify doubts making both modifications and more examples.

Is homework compulsory?

No way. Calm down, we’ll find a way to keep a minimum of language practice.

We will work on the ongoing conversation session which will give you greater fluency, vocabulary and structure.

If you want to improve the writing you can do it by yourself and send it to me by email to make the corresponding corrections. We can also review it in the session. The dynamics will be as we consider the best way to improve your level in Spanish in the time available.

What happens if I connect late to class or I do not connect at all?

I know it would not be the best scenario, but unforeseen circumstances may arise. Do not worry, just let me know and I can wait and you will have your class in the schedule that we had agreed upon.

If you do not connect at all, the class will be charged.

How much is the estimated time to level up?

That will depend mainly on you. I will do everything to teach you a spectacular language and to practice it effectively.

It is estimated that with a frequency of 2 classes per week at 3 months we should be seeing the results. Also remember that we will make a constant evaluation of your progress that will help us analyse how you improve your level in every way.

Are online sessions as good as face-to-face?

Yes, they are certainly as good as the face-to-face, in addition private and adapted to what you need to practice and your doubts. You can receive them in the comfort of any place and in the schedule that suits you.

Surely you know the classroom face-to-face classes, whether in Spanish or another language, then get ready to know the online sessions that are the present and the future of language learning. You have nothing to lose.


Booking and payments 

How can I pay for my sessions online?

Very easy.

1. Go to "courses & lessons" tab, select the session or the session package that best suits you. 

2. Click on the PayPal button (the safest way to pay online) and it will open the PayPal page (you do not need to have PayPal account).

3. Confirm the amount to pay, place your data and accept.

4. You will receive a confirmation email to your email with your invoice.

How can I pay if I do not have a PayPal account?

Very easy. Via Wester Union, Payoneer, Wise. You can pay with PayPal without having an account with them. You simply need to enter your personal data and you will receive an email with confirmation of your payment.

How can I book my classes before paying?

In your “free lesson”, we will talk about the availability of time for both and the days and times that suit you.

Then make the payment of the session or the package of sessions that suits you and then you will see a button "book paid lesson". From there you can book all sessions or one by one at your convenience.

How does the 2 x 1 discount for recommendations to other students work?

Very simple and convenient for you and your friends.

Once you recommend me to someone you know (friend, familiar, etc) and he/she decides to buy the first session or package of sessions with me, you will get a "free lesson". 

Can I cancel or change a class?

Yeah right. Without any problem, you can notify me by email with only 48 hours in advance and we will cancel or change the class without charge. If you notify me after 48 hours the class will be charged, mostly for class planning and scheduling with the rest of the students.

Does the session or package of sessions already paid expire?

Yes, if they expire. You have a maximum of two (2) weeks to take a single paid lesson. Two (2) months to use the "5 lesson pack", and 3 (three) months months to use the "10 lesson pack" since you paid them.

It is important that you establish goals and continuity in the classes so that you see progress in your Spanish.

Please, if you have any problem in continuing the classes, contact me and we will look for an alternative.

I have a need for a number of classes you do not offer, can I still contact you?

If you are not interested in a session package, contact me and we will find an alternative to your needs and I will explain how to make the payments in that case.

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