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Let's start from the beginning. If I have to talk about my experience as a teacher, we have to go back in time and travel to Sout Africa in 2012. There I had my first contact as a Spanish teacher with foreign students. The connection was instant and complete, it was like love at first sight. Teaching my language and culture became my daily routine and since then, I have not stopped until today.

Since I enjoyed this first experience so much, I decided to pursue several Certifications, Diplomas and degrees in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language all over these years in order to broaden my knowledge and become a better teacher.

When I came back to Mendoza, Argentina I had the opportunity to work in a public schools and several Institutes. Seeing the progress of my students and being part of their improvement was something that motivated me enormously. It was exciting to witness the progress we made together.

Over the years I realized I had to make the leap to the online world. At first, I was very hesitant and skeptical, but over time I realized that the virtual world can be just as close, dynamic and exciting.

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