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Private one to one spanish tutoring

27 usd  

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Private tutoring
Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced levels
For those who need to strengthen their Spanish and seek a private, tailored class. Great results in short time. Practice conversational, grammar, writing, listening, roleplays and a whole lot more. Cultural, musical, business and trend topics covered.

Exam preparation tutoring
Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced levels
If your reasons for learning Spanish include employment in a Spanish-speaking job or entrance into a Spanish university, you might need proof of competency. We develop listening, comprehension texts, written and oral expression skills. 
Materials to practice cover samples of real audios: notices, instructions, advertising material, radio announcements, brief conversations instructions, posters, emails, articles, reviews.
Private business tutoring 
Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced levels
You are a professional with specific needs such as: technical vocabulary, phone calls, email writing, negotiation strategies, knowledge of intercultural aspects, etc.
You need to have your classes at your workplace and avoid transfers.
You will be relocated or transferred to a Spanish-speaking country as an expatriate.  
You have a project where a group of professionals need to improve communication with the parent company in Spanish. You are a Spanish speaking company that has an investment in other countries and you need to reconcile local workers with the new Spanish organizational culture. 

Spanish & South American music tutoring
Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced levels
Learn all about music from Spain and South America by listening your favorites artists songs and me playing live to you. You may read the lines and we can work it out on vocabulary and specific topics on the lyrics. You Strengthen your vocabulary and bolster Grammar because you have a context for the new words and sentences you are learning; you are far more likely to remember words if you learn them in a song rather than in a long vocabulary list.
Lessons for kids
Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced levels
Learning playing games is much easier.

Please click on "terms and conditions" tab before booking lessons.
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